Be Safe In The Snow

Being Safe in the Snow

Ice and Snow in Dorset


Beauty and the Beast


We all want snow in the winter. It reminds us of our childhood, and allows us to take lasting memories of the beautiful blanketed landscape, especially in Bournemouth. But along with the all that beauty, comes its own dangers and inconveniences.


With all the weather and traffic reports coming in thick and fast all over the UK, being safe is a paramount priority. All of the emergency services and authorities are doing an amazing job and great efforts are being made, as well as everyday people helping each other out on the roads, showing the great spirits of our communities.


That being said, staying off the roads unless absolutely necessary will only help in keeping congestion down and allowing our services easy path through the tough terrain.


Reports are coming in of Military assistance being needed on the A31, causing traffic buildup throughout joining roads such as A35 and M27 among others. It has been taking some up hours and hours to get back home from relatively short distances, so forward planning would be advised.



Snow on Bournemouth high street


Aside from the dangers, there’s some great fun to be had! As these chances come around so rarely it would be a shame to miss out on them! Whether building snowmen or sledding is on the agenda, or it’s just making snow angels or snow balls, enjoy it while you can!


So keep checking traffic reports for updates on your local area’s if you’re thinking of travelling, and If you’re able to get out and enjoy the snow, as it only comes along ever so rarely, then take care and have a fantastic time!


As for Redline Surveys, we’ll make our contribution and wish everyone all the best for the coming days and weeks! Enjoy the weather where you can and stay safe


Snowman and S7 in the Snow


Be Safe In The Snow
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